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Shengda First Show in PCIM Europe

DATE:2016/5/12     VIEW:1374


May 10, 2016 to 12, Hefei Shengda Electronic Technology Industrial Company (hereinafter referred to as Shengda Technology) Deputy General Manager Geng Chunlei led for the first time to participate in the thirty-eighth session held in Nuremberg of Germany Power Electronics Exhibition (PCIM Europe), the show is the European power electronics and its application field, intelligent motion and power quality of the most influential exhibition, is the world the biggest power semiconductor exhibition, famous for its high quality professional exhibitors and visitors, exhibitors are more involved in the world famous power device manufacturers, such as Semikron, Fuji, Infineon, ABB, Danfoss, domestic well-known manufacturers of semiconductor, Changzhou macro and micro semiconductor, Nanjing Yinmao etc, at the same time, the famous DBC manufacturers Curamik, KCC. Aluminum silicon carbide manufacturers DENKA, DOWA, CPS as exhibitors.



Shengda debut PCIM Europe, showing the company's DBC, aluminum silicon carbide substrate, aluminum nitride ceramic structure and representative products. During the exhibition Shengda Technology at home and abroad and many customers, manufacturers of business contact and exchange of technology, not only to international peers and customers to Shengda positive and friendly cooperation, more show the high precision and advanced science and technology and professional personnel quality and ability to the industry.